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Introduction of prize rules at the Nordic Swim Tour 2018

It is a pleasure to introduce the collaboration between Swim Open Stockholm (5th to 8th of April) and Bergen Swim Festival 2018 (13th to 15th of  April).
As a result of the collaboration there is an attractive opportunity for the top swimmers to win extra prize monies if you participate in the same event both in Sweden and Norway. 
Then the score from FINA's table in one of the following events will be added and we will have a winner of the Nordic Swim Tour 2018.

Prize money is EUR 1000 per event, both for women and men.

The following events are included in the Nordic Swim Tour 2018
100 meters Freestyle Women
100 meters freestyle Men
100 meters Backstroke Women
100 meters Backstroke Men
100 meters Butterfly Women
100 meters Butterfly Men
100 meters Breaststroke Women
100 meters Breaststroke Men
400 meters Freestyle Women
400 meters Freestyle Men
400 meters IM Women
400 meters IM Men

You are very welcome to both these top international swim events.