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Coronavirus - Bergen Swim Festival

Updated 09.03.2020

Currently, BSF is proceeding as planned, but measures during the meet to minimize the possibility of local infection will be implemented, including requirements for good hand and food hygiene.

We will continually be updated on the recommendations and guidelines from national and local authorities, including general event permits and the implementation of specific measures during the course of the meet. 

Current measures from Bergen Municipality regarding major events are available here.

BSF is an event with more than 1000 participants (participants, companions, audience and officials), and therefore food will not be served in the cafeteria as previously announced. Those who have ordered and paid this will be refunded and asked to provide their own food during the competition.

Participants, companions, audiences and officials who have respiratory symptoms or come from areas with wide spread of Covid-19 (ref. The Institute of Public Health's overview) should not attend BSF.

In general, we recommend all participants, companions, audiences, and officials to update themselves and comply with the Public Health Institute's advice and information to the population about corona-virus - these are available at this link

It is advised that this information is valid for the time being and may be changed at short notice.

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